Friday, May 8, 2009

Did I Say Daily?

Okay "daily" is asking too much. But here I am, semi daily.

Yesterday was the big ultrasound. We are having baby girl #4!
I really wanted a girl, but for some reason at the last moment I felt pressured for her to be a boy!
Maybe because I had been reading about King Henry the 8th or had just watched the Duchess.
Or maybe, just maybe, it is because people say the stupidest things sometimes. I'm not sure.

We are thinking of the name Dorothy Violet Mess. Imagine that in a beautiful script. I just want to write it!

Pearl and Grace still don't know they will have a sister in the fall. We are keeping it from them as long as possible.
Information like that for young children causes a lot of uncertainty, not to mention how long 40 weeks is when you are 4
years old. I am tempted to tell them because it will be fun to talk to them about all the possibilities, but
that's my selfishness.
I do wonder how long I can keep it from them.

Well I am off to a tea with Pearl's class then to a conference with Ruth's humanities teacher.

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  1. Yayyy! Another girl! Hand me downs galore.

    That name sounds so cute :)


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