Saturday, January 30, 2010

Introduction to "Life in the Pink Tower"

  I have come up with a series I want to do titled "Life in the Pink Tower."  (Get it,  Pink House,  Pink Tower?)  It is a Montessori reference and here you see a photo of Grace and the pink tower.

Before I begin this series of posts I want to say I am not a trained Montessorian, although for 20 years I have worked off and on as an Assistant at a local AMI school, working in their Toddler program and Children's House.  I have attended conferences and seminars, and been a Montessori parent.  If I had to label my philosophy with children Montessori would be the closest and best fit.  That said there will be times I "knock the pink tower down" so to speak, maybe unintentionally or intentionally.  My hope is to make the things I have applied in our home accessible to anyone who may be interested.

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