Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mama Style: What's on Your List Today?

I want to share with you three dresses I picked up this week.  As Mama's we know time for shopping, especially for ourselves is virtually non existent. That's what makes this week's score so great, I picked them all up while grocery shopping!  (we have a "one stop" combined shopping store) Wait it gets better, I got all three for less than $50 combined!  So there goes the excuse of time and money. 
Above you see one, a wonderfully comfy and practical, retro styled scoop necked dress. 

Next is this saucy little red number.  Just over a week ago, while preparing for our Chinese New Year celebration, it became painfully evident I needed a red dress. This one reminds me of another one I saw pictured here...        
Only if I remember correctly it was $100+ dollars.  Mine was $12.  

And for my third dress you see me in here. The dress on the form is a vintage dress, again priced about 10+ times what I paid for mine.  Mine is also wash and wear, and at the price I won't worry when spit up, toothpaste, or coffee dribble.  I was feeling a little bohemian and added my staple slip to show, and risked leg warmers.  I liked it.

There is another lesson to be learned here.  Be cautious when buying online at those shops who sell overly priced "vintage styled" or "retro" labeled clothing.  Get an eye for it and then go check out some local stores.  You'll be surprised.  Of course for those of you who are vintage purists I know this isn't really an option.  But for me, I prefer to mix it up a little.


  1. you looked fabulous when I ran into you at the store the other night!! oh.. and so did bebe girl. she is TOO much cute.

  2. Just found your blog through your niece's (which I read regularly). I'm also a busy vintage mom (although with only 2 kids), and love to get a glimpse into how other women are trying to stay fun and funky while being a mom (and growing older/bigger). I especially loved the "wear this not that" post. It is a great reminder that it is just as easy to make different choices that can help us not look so dumpy!

    Thanks for fitting this in to your life. I really appreciate the effort and will be checking in regularly to gain more words of wisdom.

  3. I looveee your blog, you are a great inspiration, and your style is awesome... =)

  4. hey sassy kitten! oooh come check out my blog....hee hee!!!!!! Cat~


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