Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday we buried my dad.  He died in October and it took us this long to get things arranged for his cremains.  I am glad our family had that closure.  Although I watched him leave his body and know he was at rest long before now.

Mav spoke and one of the things he said was "it is like we are packing away an old suit for a friend who has gone on a trip and doesn't need it anymore."  Mav is really cool.

The picture of my daughter and her cousin Oliver walking across the cemetery brought to mind this picture taken of them almost 4 years ago at my brother's wedding.

 I am comforted to know they have each other because the truth is there will be more weddings and funerals in our lives.  I hope Oliver will be there for her with the same love and support his dad has given me through out this process


  1. hi! i tried to figure out how to email you but i guess i have teh dumbz. i wanted to ask you to do a post about stuff you do with your kiddos. you seem like such a hands on mom. i have two kids and i feel at a loss for what to do with my three year old. can you either do a post or maybe let me know some books or websites that might help me? thanks! love your blog!

  2. Bellisimama, I am thrilled you asked! Look for a post real soon. My email is coedith@gmail

  3. I just found your blog and was compeled to leave you a note on this post. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you can make sense of it all. I think since I became a Mom I do realize that we can pass on so much to the next generation. So, I hope you can treasure the moments, treasures and words of wisdom from your Dad and pass them onto your little one's. Then I think it all comes full circle. Stay strong.

  4. Thank you Christina.
    We were very fortunate that my dad got to spend a lot of time with my three oldest children. I'm pretty sure he was my oldest' best friend.


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