Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wear THIS not THAT mama style

It is quite often that my husband will leave our pink house for work with me still in my jammies, and also quiet often, he returns from work and I am again in my jammies.  ( he does work late.)  So I find it interesting I consider more what I wear during the day than I do when I am with him.  That is backwards!  I would have never done that early in our relationship.  Of course that was 16 years and 4 babies ago and  I have since traded in my stockings and garters for Spanx, but that shouldn't equate giving up.   So this week I took a look at what I wear "jammie" wise and I decided to share it with you.  All the photos are actual things I wear regularly and I found some things that need to be removed permanently. 

Here is one such outfit, although I would never wear it out in public I do wear it driving my daughter to 
 What needs to go in this photo are the shoes, sweatshirt and if you could you would see one of those hideous hair clips.  Here you will see what I traded them for, my other cuter shoes  and a bed jacket.  I also ran a brush through my hair, removed yesterdays eye makeup and added a splash of lipstick.

The next outfit is my comfy flannel jammies.  Time to give them up, I simply will wear this cute cotton set with a baby doll neckline.   The bit of coziness I give up also took away the frumpiness.

Now for the final jammie makeover you see me in classic mom garb.  We may like to call them 'lounge' pants, but don't let that fool you, THEY ARE SWEATS.  Out they go!  Unless of course I was wearing them to workout in.  Nope.  Some may think the good things about an outfit like this is not only is it jammie like, you can also go out in it.  Exactly!  Get rid of them or they will tempt you.  I don't want to wear anything that doesn't help me feel better about myself.  (confession: I am wearing them right now! Last time-- really)  Why wear that when you can wear something like this?  It is just as simple to put on and the robe is there for going out to the mailbox.
Remember touch up your hair and makeup- or put some on before your husband comes home.  Most of all remember the most attractive thing you can wear is a smile.  


  1. This post is adorable! I love the last picture! super cute <3

  2. I love it! I must admit I hardly recognize you in the first picture! I think you look adorable in ALL these pictures though. I have totally thought the same thing about only getting "ready" when we leave the house and staying messy for my family. I'm working on it too. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Ooo lala! Gold robe looks great!

  4. I love the first PJs with the flamingos. They are too sweet. <3

  5. Cute! I hope more people heed your call. :)

  6. Great post! I'm inspired to throw away some sad looking t-shirts I own. (as well as one pair of reeeally ugly velour pants)

    Butterflies and Daisys Vintage

  7. Ha ha, I just got home from the pool with the kids and what am I wearing but, a brown sweater and some good ol' black "lounge pants"(almost exact same outfit). And yes, I went shopping in this outfit. At least I did my hair but, ga, thanks for the post. I've been trying to get rid of these pants for so long. They do tempt me to wear them out and they usually win. Good news is I went for a night out last night and wore vintage for the first time since high school. Many years and two kids ago. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your blog. Keep it up :)


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