Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Other Side of the Coin

Bellisimama presented me with this sweet little award.  She is always fun to peek in on and see what has inspired her outfit of the day.  So I guess I tell you 10 things about myself then pass this on.  Here we go... Oh and because it seems I have a tendency to only show myself in a good light I am going to share 10 things that aren't so great about me.
  1. I spend too much time here.
  2. I don't always recycle.
  3. My swear word of choice is the F word.
  4. I don't answer the phone.
  5. I yell and have been known to throw things when I get angry.
  6. I get angry more than I'd like.
  7. My postpartum needs medicating or I would kill myself. literally.
  8. I use paper instead of cloth.  
  9. My last 3 babies have been bottle fed.
  10. I do not lie.  (I know that's not bad but I thought you should know.) 
I am supposed to pass this on now.  I have to say this feels a little chain mail-ish and I wasn't sure I was gonna play along.  (What do you think of it?)  Regardless,  I am passing it to Miss Lottie Lou  because she is a truly a sugar doll.
Oh and to keep it real here is a photo of me this morning as I write this post.  Yep, that's yesterday's makeup.


  1. Mine are a whole lot like yours. (new reader, thank your niece LOL!)
    1. I am a total hermit
    2. I don't always recycle.
    3. I cuss a lot, usually the F word or MF words.
    4. I read way to much (yes, this can be a bad thing)
    5. I yell and have been known to throw things when I get angry. (I'm just gunna keep this as is)
    6. I get angry more than I'd like. (same)
    7. I'm absolutely judgmental.
    8. I was just barely ok at homeschooling my sons. (see #4 and #1)
    9. My expectations are always too high, and it makes me really pessimistic.
    10. I do not lie. (yes, this can too be a bad thing) I'm learning tact.

  2. ooooooo, you evil evil person. I think your list of "bad" things shows what a good mom you are to even feel guilty about it. And by the way, yesterday's makeup is always the best.

  3. Awe, the F word. also my favorite.
    I am pretty similar to you on everything, except I use cloth EVERYTHING except TP, and I boobie feed.

    other than that.. we are ... disturbingly close in badness.

  4. yep,same as Twila all the same except I too cloth and breast feed...but I get lazy about cloth and don't use it when we're out running errands,very bad of me.

  5. Aww thank you so much!!
    And there's nothing wrong with yesterday's makeup!
    Lottie x

  6. How supportive and refreshing that you can admit to your imperfections. Sometimes reading blogs leaves me feeling bad for all of the ways that I fall short of my ambitions and expectations (not to mention never looking as cute in my outfits). It's wonderful to get a glimpse into the real humanity of people.

    Thanks so much.


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