Friday, April 23, 2010

For the Love of Boston Terriers

Many of you have noticed our dog Joey making a cameo here and there in my posts.  Let me tell you about  my little man.  He is 10 years old and we have had him since he was 6 mos.  He was destined for life as a champion show dog, but then the unexpected happened, one of his testicles failed to descend.  Apparently to show they have to have both visible.  Anyways it was lucky for us because we were able to purchase him- and I think lucky for him.  Although he has suffered a few breed specific ailments we do plan on one day adding another Boston to our family.
Boston's average weight range is about 15-30 pounds, Joey is at the high end.  At first we spoiled him with people food-boy does he love bacon!  He got up to 35 pounds which triggered one of said breed specific problems, a luxating patella.  Which meant we had to have one of his knees replaced.  We are now much more strict with his diet.
I have to say he doesn't live up to the terrier reputation.  He has always been much more laid back, as I have heard the larger ones are.  (Does anyone have experience with that?)  As he ages he is becoming one of those old ladies type of dogs.  A little (lot) grouchier and louder.   He is great with our girls but we chose to crate him when small children are visiting.  Although I assure you he would be happier if it were just Mav, me and him, as his position has dropped with each baby.  Dotty is crawling now and he is her favorite target.  I don't know what it is but each baby wants to chew his ears.
We have had a cat and a rabbit while having him and he was gentle and playful with both.  But last week while I was walking him our neighbors Lab got out and attacked him.  Yes, traumatizing.  After a trip to the vet, cleaning wounds and antibiotics he is doing fine.  But I seriously doubt it helped his  social skills.
We love him a lot and although we aren't the best pet owners (walks aren't frequent, bowl can stay empty longer than it should etc...)  he is the best pet.  (well except the gas!)


  1. ugh Bosties are the gassiest breed!Love mine to bits but yes Ollie can clear a room quickly.Joey is so cute!He's a big boy.

  2. bostons are so adorable, they have such expressive faces

  3. Wow, he is a very handsome man and big too!!! We should get our dogs together for a play date!!! My Bostons can help him with his social skills. My little ones weigh 24 lbs, 18 lbs and 12 lbs. The calmest one is the 18 pounder, then 24 then 12...thank goodness I havent had to deal with any breed specific issues, although my oldest one is only 4.


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