Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mama's Girl

This is our 13 year old daughter Ruth. I felt I should introduce you to her because it seems I often have the other three girls in my posts. (Not that Ruth wants me writing about her. You remember being 13.)
Anyways she is a great girl. If I went into details you would know I was just biased as her mama. So I won't. You would have to know her to believe it.
She was our first and as an infant threw me for such a loop I didn't want another baby for 5 years! I have to follow this up by saying as difficult as a baby she was she more than made up for it in sweetness since the time she was 2 years old. She attended Montessori through first grade and homeschooled until 6th grade. Now she is in a great art school program. She plays the violin-and HATES it. (It is the only thing I don't give her a choice about) She loves photography and you can often see her photos over on Vixen Vintage's blog. Her and Solanah are 2 peas in a pod. Funny girls! Ruth is also an avid reader and if it weren't for the library we could never afford her habit. She knows vintage well but prefers skinny jeans and converse. She is also an excellent baker of sweets. I'll finish by saying she is the best big sister any one could wish for and there are times she is a better mama than I am.
There you have her folks, Ruth Magnolia.


  1. Ruth is the best 13 year old girl ever. And cousin. And big sister. And cupcake decorator. And reader. And skinny jean wearer.

  2. Thanks for telling us about Ruth. More and more she will bring blessings and joy into your life. My daughter is almost 29 and it feels like yesterday she was 13.

  3. I was her age when I stopped playing the violin,I regret it now so much.

  4. My parents almost named me Ruth but instead they named me Lisa. I remember thinking many times as a kid that it would have been a nice name to have and not as common as Lisa. I always knew it was just a wee bit old fashioned but I did not care because it was different and that was always my thing as a kid and as a teen, was to be different. It is nice to meet your Ruth.

  5. She's lovely!

    Has she heard the band "The Loneliest Monk"? A great indie rock band with lots of cello. It might inspire her a bit with her violin.


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