Friday, May 7, 2010

My Name Is Coedith And I Am A Weight Watcher

How many of you have noticed that under the Life In A Pink House heading one of the items listed is Weight Watchers?  Have you also noticed I have never mentioned it?  Why is it there?  Should I remove it? Maybe I need to just talk about it.  It was a hurdle just putting it out there.  Why?  Do I think if it's not there you will think I am thin?  Do I want to be authentic or rather project a desired image?  Of course I want to be authentic.  So what's the issue?  I don't know.  It means I am trying to get healthy and look better.  Is that so bad?  Even now I am blabbing away from the subject.  I'll just get right to it.
 Yes, I attend Weight Watchers every Monday.  I have lost 21 pounds.   I should be proud.  I will be proud and here I start!

 I have never been a small girl.  Upper average with the occasional low.  When Mav and I married I was at a low- 130 and I haven't seen it since.   I have had 4 babies and each one has, at this point,  left me with an added 10 pounds.  Yes, that's right I weigh 168.  (I am 5'6" if you're curious.)
What I am going to do, what I have been contemplating doing for some time is not only stating my weight but also my measurements.  This causes my heart to beat a little quicker as a slight panic sets in.  I just took my measurements for probably the 3rd time ever.  I have always been too afraid.  Why then would I want to do this?  ACCOUNTABILITY.  I have zero self discipline and with out concrete evidence of my situation I will easily slip into denial.  So here you go (my heart quickens) 38-32-47.
(Now I must kill you.  Just kidding.)
So above is my "before" picture taken today.  I also took a picture of me dressed today.  Because I carry my weight in my hips it is easy to camouflage it with a full skirt as pictured.  For this reason I have always worn full skirts, but oh how I would love a wiggle dress!

It does scare me and I'm not sure I will post this.  (Funny I hate for Mav to see this and he sees me naked daily so I don't think he'll be surprised.  But I'd like to pretend he would be.)
 The plan is to retake those measurements one month from today and hopefully see a change.  I began the Couch to 5K running program last week in addition to Weight Watchers and I hope knowing I have to check back in with you will keep me motivated.
I want to end by saying I know as women we compare ourselves to others.  My numbers are not a judgement on anyone else.  I don't want to be judged by them and hope you won't either.

PS  I do see the irony in posting this right after my "fried pie" post!   : )


  1. Bravo! I'm glad you posted. I'm sure a lot of your readers have battled with their weight (I'm definitely one of them) I'm 5'4" and 196. I'm lucky in that my boobs/butt/legs all seem to gain weight equally, so at least I'm an hourglass shape. But the dimples and wiggles are distressing to say the least!
    It was brave of you to put this out there for the world to see and hopefully it helps to get positive feedback in your journey!
    Good luck!

  2. Good luck on your weight loss!I think you look great and I totally understand the wanting to be healthier and hey I think its normal for us to want to look good naked too.I have a pear shape myself it all goes to my hips and thighs so its easy to cover up in a dress too but I dislike seeing myself otherwise.

    And isn't it so funny about women that we can see our friends that are 3 times our own size and not think a thing of it and think they are nothing less than stunning but we judge ourselves so easily!?That is why I always feel bad when I complain about my weight to a larger friend,I honestly never think anything of their size my I'm my own worst critic.

  3. Awesome job at losing 21 pounds. That is an awesome accomplishment. I think training for races helps a lot too. It gives you a solid goal to work towards. Also, when I started the weight loss crusade, I found it better for me mentally to go by measurements than by weight. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. You are gorgeous no matter what the scale says. It does feel good to be in shape and our bodies DO feel better when we care for them. Sending lots of was a brave post. xxoo

  5. Love this post and all of the comments too! I think most of us can relate. Good work on losing the 21 pounds and keep at it!

  6. You are the most awesome auntie. "Now I have to kill you" haha!

  7. You are my hero ;) .... I have 3 kids and I completely understand you. I am trying to eat healthy too, to live a better life in all aspects, since I have 2 girls I try not to put too much 'attention' on weight issues but in a healthy living instead.
    Have a very Happy Mother's Day. ;)

  8. I'm sure you've struck a chord with lots and lots of women out there. We can identify with every word you wrote (and a lot of the comments so far).

    I think it's totally normal to put on weight as you age, have children etc. I know I have! I try to dress for my body type (love those full skirts too) and to feel confident and well put together (vintage does help with that). I face the weight thing as I start to get too big for some favorite outfits. That is my signal to start moving more and paying more attention to what I eat.

    It's great to feel more healthy and to be able to move better. I do also wish for all women that we could be less self-critical and more accepting of wherever our bodies are wanting to be weight-wise.

  9. You are such a foxy mama anyway. I think you look spectacular! But I wish you the best of luck with your challenge to yourself, because .. whats the worst that can happen?? You will look MORE spectacular. hahah.

    Seriously though, good luck! I hope you see the changes you desire <3 <3 <3

  10. Thank you for posting this and congrats on the weight you have already lost. I am the same build as you and feel your pain. When I'm buying vintage online if the heading says 'wiggle' I don't even bother to look at the full listing and photos. Why bother, it's depressing. Cheers and good luck to you - you look amazing already and *so* young too.

  11. Congrats on your weight loss and your fitness journey! By having a healthy, realistic goal it will ensure your success.

    Yes, we women can be cruel to ourselves and others. Why? Who knows, but I think that since you are doing this for your own self and your own reasons, that's all that matters.

    Good luck on the 5K. That's awesome!

  12. Good for you!!! I am going through the same thing right now. :) Well..a roller coaster. You can do it and so can I!!!

  13. Bravo, very brave and honest of you. You go for it.... you look gorgeous anyway, but it's about how you feel.
    xx Lucy

  14. For having 4 kids, you look fantastic. Having kids really does a number on us women. I was looking at pictures of myself from after I had my first and after having my 2nd and it was really embarrassing to me to see that since I was always such a twig before having them (i gained 60 pounds with my firstborn, he was born 10 pounds!). I am a twig again and am back to pre-pregnancy weight due to working out a lot. I really think that it is not easy and I know women really degrade themselves even if they are shown so much love and support from their husbands, but you go girl. I am cheering you on. That is so great that you have lost so much weight as it is. It is great that we are able to wear those frilly skirts to hide the large hips, right?

  15. Hi - I am so glad I got introduced to your site via CAT! You are adorable and I commend your courage to post your before pic...I have the same issues. I am on the losing streak as well. However, I use the Belly Cure diet. WW is a very good program! I love your pics and adorable outfits and aprons. I wish I could stay home and be a full time housewife like you.



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