Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vintage- It's All Relative

People have commented on the fact Solanah and I are family asking if we are a vintage family.  Once I thought about it I might have to answer "yes, our family is vintage."  I want to introduce you to another member of our family, Amy.  Amy is married to my nephew, Solanah's older brother, Joshua.  They have been married 12 years and have a son, Oliver.

This is a picture of me and Amy taken 13 years ago.  I am holding Ruth.

There are lots of pictures of me, Solanah and Amy.  But not many early ones, because as you see Solanah was still a little girl.  I love the fact she gives Amy and I some credit to her loving vintage.
Oh, the clothing that has been shared and passed among us is unbelievable.

Here is Amy in her kitchen, which you would just love!  She has a big fancy office and works with numbers, but when she isn't at work she is an artist.  Her creativity spills out in so many forms.  Fashion. Painting. Paper crafts. Sewing. Decorating.  Her house during the holidays is amazing!

She loves Halloween.

You can see Oliver in this one-and notice Solanah is growing up.

People often tell us they can tell we are related by the resemblance we have to each other.  That is always funny because we are family by marriage.
So there you have her, Amy.  You can also see two generations of vintage wearing relatives.  
And here you see Solanah mentoring Ruth for the next.  You never know....


  1. This is fantastic! You beat me to an "Amy post" hehe.

  2. You guys have such an awesome family! :) I'm the only vintagey person in my family. But maybe I can pass it on to my kids when I'm older.

  3. Awe, Amy is adorable, she had a sweet "steampunk" out fit rolling in astoria when we met up for dinner the other night. So cute.
    your whole family is precious.. and your awesome girl team makes me jealous.. I have no sisters or cousins, you guys are so lucky!

  4. Ahhh! I love this...
    In my family I'm the only vintage mom, daughter, aunt etc...and's wonderful to know we share the same vintage lifestyle. You all are a truly special family. Love it!!!!

  5. this is so adorable. it was great to see these photos of everyone growing up. Iti s nice that the love of vintage runs rampant in the family.

  6. This is so nice! How silly of me that this almost brings tears to my eyes to see family so close. Must be because there arent many women in my family.... Oh well

  7. Amy looks so familiar to me. Did she spend a lot of time on Hawthorne Avenue in the 90's? Specifically, the Space Room? Just curious...

  8. She says we went to the Space Room a few times, but I don't remember. She wasn't on Hawthorne too much.

  9. Oh, and I never knew Solanah was blonde for a while. That's neat.


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