Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Anti Portraits

Yesterday was our annual family picnic.   The group photo at the top reminded me of some old ones  I have in our family albums.  I love the candidness so much more than a studio family portrait.  Interesting a couple of people, including my mom, are in yesterday's and the black and whites.  (Speaking if B+W, the bottom picture was taken in 1947 so I am perplexed by the fact it is in color.)  My mom is wearing a hat in the 3rd picture and Solanah and I are in hats in the first.


  1. Did you notice Solanah's outfit and the lady third from right in the second pic leaning over? They almost match! :D Colour photography has been around almost as long as black and white has. It wasn't until 1935 though that it became accessible to all with the release of Kodachrome. Still was more expensive so perhaps this person splurged on a roll for the family picnic :)

  2. Oh I love these pictures! We do the same thing - group shots outside and I love them too. We did the studio thing a few years ago and it's not the same. How fun to look back over time at these awesome pictures!

  3. My family has the same kind of pictures. I love them so much more then a professional one.


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