Friday, October 15, 2010

Hi Brow/Lo Brow

Let's talk eyebrows!  Mine were left au natural until I was about 21.  At that time I began wearing them thin and sleek.  I wore them this way about 8 years.  I have always used a MAC small angled brush with their concrete eyeshadow for my brows.   Two reasons I quit the thin brow were time and I heard thin brows make a person's nose look bigger.  Now I simply give them a bit of cleaning up and a little boost at the arch.  Recently I noticed something different, I needed to 'clean up' the top of my brow.  I have always worked from the bottom up and never plucked above.  It now appears I need to and I wonder if it is an aging thing.   What are your best brow tricks and tools?


  1. I've always plucked or waxed above the eyebrow. It gives the eye a more attractive look ( I think..., and no, I don't think age has anything to do with it. It's just a preference. I actually use the same MAC angle brush you use. I first pencil in the eyebrow, then blend with the brush. I try to keep it as close to my natural shape as possible. I try not to use much color, so my eyebrows can look nice and natural. You have very beautiful eyebrows, the arch is just perfect. I don't think you need to change it at all. You look wonderful!

  2. Your eyebrows looked very groomed I'm never sure mine do! I think it might be an age thing I never had to sort mine at the top but occasionally do now!! I'm a pencil and brush kinda gal!

  3. Pay someone to shape them for you.

    When I was 17 I got mine plucked from a gal in what was termed "the old lady salon". I went in wanting Marilyn Monroe brows and came out with 30s Olivia de Hallivand ones. And I've had them for almost 20 years because they look the best on my face.

    The reason to have someone else that specialized in brows do them is that they can figure out what looks the best on your face and can help get it without the problems you would have at home.

  4. I too have started to have to puck above my eyebrows. I use a brow stencil from Anastacia that I got from Sephora for shaping. It works really well.


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