Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Counting Blessings

Here is a little project we are in the process of doing this week.  It is... a bowl of thankfulness. (I just now made that up)  Truly it is a salad spinner with the basket removed, set up next to a small tray of pretty little scraps of paper and a pencil.  We write something-or draw, we are thankful for and put it into the bowl via the little opening on top.  I wondered aloud with the girls just how full we could get it.  It is amazing how once you start you realize you pretty much are, and should be, thankful for everything.  There are the big ones family, love,and puppies but then you start thinking and realize you also are thankful for things like paperclips, scotch tape, socks with grippies on the bottoms, etc...

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  1. A lovely idea - for year 'round too! I love the little mismatched scraps of paper.

    Have a happy holiday! ^_^


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