Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life In The Pink Tower: Lunch Time

The girls painted their faces like a flag representing a country in North America.

  Since September my three youngest have been sharing lunch together at a child's size table.  You can read here about Dotty's weaning table.  She does still use it but not very often because she prefers to be doing just what her big sisters are.  She has even begun to do her 'work', coloring and white board, at the larger table.
 The table is set for lunch by the girls with plates, water, napkins and utensils.  Usually I prepare their plates in the kitchen but we also do some meals family style and they serve themselves.  Pearl has taken a great interest in making their lunches.  She loves making quesadillas and macaroni and cheese.  My 5 year old doesn't use the stove yet but contributes lunches of PB & honey, soup warmed in the microwave and likes to create recipes of her own : ).
  The two older girls know they are modeling manners for Dotty so it provides a wonderful opportunity to brush up on those.  Everyone begins eating together and remains at the table until they are all done.  Clean up consists of carrying their dishes, one by one, into the kitchen.  The napkins are put in the laundry hamper and the table is wiped with a cloth.  One of us carries Dotty's things for her while holding her hand.
  I hope to begin having a centerpiece on the lunch table made by one or all the girls.  I also plan to use a table cloth (I love tablecloths) as soon as Dotty is a bit older and won't pull on it during the meal.
  I have a routine more than a schedule for our school days and lunch is definitely an anchor in that routine.

She did so well with soup and spoon

Helping hands

and tongues!


  1. Oh, this is so neat. I love how you use cloth napkins and pretty dishes--it shows such respect for the children and helps make eating a daily celebration of life!

  2. I agree with Leslie! Such sweet photos. I love my boys with all my heart... but seeing these makes me want a little girl! Hmm... maybe once I finish school. :)

    Btw, I have two new blogs... the wiferson handbook and laylah & Lior (photography). If you have a chance, please stop by and say hi sometime!

    Blessings ~ Erin

  3. Little girls are adorable. I have three.
    They're all teenagers now.
    Somebody help me...

    Oops I mean Yeay Girls!


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