Sunday, December 12, 2010

Help Me Choose A Raincoat

Betsy Johnson

Houndstooth London Fog



Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear Plaid

I need a raincoat.  I need a practical raincoat.  I need a comfortable raincoat.  I need a functional raincoat.
But I wish I didn't have to look so practical, comfortable and functional.
Papa will probably get me one of these.  Which do you like?  I lean toward the houndstooth and Columbia Sportswear.
Of course the Burberry...but I'm not sure it could stand up to the everyday life of a housewife.


  1. I vote london fog, but the columbia sportswear has a hood. Hoods are nice.

    When you said you wanted a practical raincoat, I came across this:

    You could totally look like that!


  2. The London Fog has a hood too...

  3. Oh ok, then london fog, it would go with everything.

  4. London Fog....It's got a belt and is just classic!

  5. the houndstooth london fog. it is more YOU.

  6. For me it would have to be number 2 as well! I like the feminine look of this one!

  7. I like the Columbia Sportswear better. But then my opinions tend to lean toward sporty looks rather than feminine. I do like the belt and the look of the London Fog for you though. Coats, like so many other things are really hard to judge until you're wearing them. Good luck!

  8. I hate having to be practical too, why can't everything just look good! I think the decision is made London Fog.

    I've been looking for practical boots as we have had a lot of snow this year but they are all so ugly, still I will have to get some ugly boots, or fall over!

  9. I like houndstooth a lot. And London Fog is an old company right? I tend to go for old traditional brands because they're usually better quality.


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