Thursday, January 20, 2011

Butterflies For Breakfast

Once a month our oldest daughter has a two hour late start for school.  It is our routine out for breakfast morning.  This month we went to Byways, a small cafe in the Pearl district of Portland.  Do any of you remember when it was Shakers?  I have to admit I liked Shakers more, although I do enjoy Byways on occasion.  Byways has the same vibe- but a little less kitsch and a lot more ptown.  I do miss all the cute salt and pepper 'shakers' on display.  Once you were served on vintage diner ware but I imagine over the years that inventory has been depleted, although a few remnants can be found in the cafe.  The food is standard diner Portland.
I wore one pair of my cowboy boots.  I love the butterflies.  I bought them on a trip to Nashville a few years ago.  The store was buy one get TWO free!  How could I pass that up?


  1. But one get TWO free? Never even heard of such a thing!!

    Nice place for breakfast ah how I miss my US visits and finding places like this!

  2. Those buy one get two free deals are LEGION on lower Broadway in Nashville. We aim to please! I haven't bought any first-hand yet (I have two pairs from the thrift store), but that seems to be the way to go! Yours are too cute.

  3. I Love your boots they are gorgeous!
    That restaurant looks fun also. =)

  4. oooooh how i adore your look amazing...two free....can it be!!!!????? awesome deal...

  5. A pink house? Wow. I haven't seen a house in pink since before, this is great! I wish there is also a butterfly house somewhere.

  6. Amazing boots!!! You look gorgeous...what a great place to have breakfast.I only wish we had a place like Byways here in Rio Grande Valley ^_^

  7. Happy Birthday, happy boots...'ve almost made it to the
    big 40! There really is life on the
    other side...


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