Monday, April 11, 2011

Clarification: Tattoos Part 2

Well it seems some are bothered by my Tattoo 2 blog.  The part where I state:
 "Also to all the tattooed masses out there I wish you could stop complaining about people judging you for your tattoos.  Yes, they will judge you, say dumb things, and sometimes strangers will reach out and touch your tattoos.  You have put yourself in that position, deal with it or invest in a sweater."
I was not saying such behavior is acceptable rather it should be expected.  If you didn't know people  might judge you because of your tattoos or ask rude questions then I question your intelligence.  As a person who couldn't even bring myself to let my father know I had tattoos until I was 35,  I know it can be hurtful to be judged in this way.  I can only work on changing others opinions with actions and behavior, but cannot demand to be respected and expect results.
The comment was made more to those with tattoos who seem to thrive on the cycle of negativity.
  Because tattoos are more mainstream than ever those looking to use them as a form of rebellion are left disappointed.  To compensate whenever a remark is made it is spotlighted-for example as a status update.  A person newly tattooed often falls into this because it's new and they want to feel part of the club.  But after 20+ years in the tattoo community I can tell you that gets old.  Sure, I could tell you stories of the rudeness we as a family have endured but I choose not to focus on that, because for the most part we are treated just like everyone else or I have stopped paying attention to it at all.
The whole point is tattooed or not tattooed, traditional style or tribal armband, vintage or vintage repro, recycling or upcycling, homeschool or public, Montessori or Waldorf, etc... we all are people and we have preferences.  Opinions are great and blogs are a fun place to share them- (look this is mine.)  People are welcome to respectfully disagree and you can comment as such.  I try to write true to myself and I hope to "meet" people who share my interests, although we do not have to agree on everything.   I hope not to offend people-not because I want "followers" but because I want to be kind.  


  1. As someone who has had babies, people have no problem whatsoever touching a pregnant woman's belly, so I'm not surprised to hear they will touch your tattoos! People are nuts!
    Personally I think tattoos are neat and I often comment on them out sheerly out of envy...have always been just a tad too wimpy to get one, lol.

  2. I think with anyone looking exceedingly different from the average, they have to expect reactions, both positive and negative. When I wear vintage from head to toe, I expect questions and comments, and get them, it just comes with the image I want to put forward, and I deal with it. The same goes for tattoos, you have them, you're different, expect inquiries.

  3. I love tattoos, I even go over to the Sailor Jerry website and draw them in my sketch pad, I have even considered going to school to learn tattooing also most all of my friends I hang around are tattooed however funny enough I do not have any. At first it was because I never found anything that I really liked that much, now it may even be a form of rebellion (who knows!). I would never dream of touching a strangers tattoos or even asking questions about them. I only do that if I know the person really really well.

  4. Hear hear, well said! What a sweetie you are!

  5. Well said lady! I'm of the non tattoed variety but my OH is of the tattooed variety & has been since he was a teenager, and would never complain about the attention it brings, as Solanah says it's the same as looking different.

    I think anyone who puts themselves out there in any form can't complain when someone comments be it positive or negative. I have to say the way we dress has provoked very negative comments and in fact violence - thank god not now we're older!!

    That's life people who look different attract attention/

  6. Well said...i am shocked anyone would be offendedd by your post...i think you said it wonderfully and truely...I don't want to be like the wonderfully made...I am Me!!To blend into the wall wouldn't be why i was made and i think most tatooed or even gals with vintage style wouldn't...why not radiate the real you gals...sass it up and enjoy all of you let this world look at you& not worry about comments good or bad!...tatooed or not...MY tatooes are part of me and my story! The make me...ME! Great post...blessing darlin!

  7. Thanks for clarifying, I thought that I was disagreeing in a polite manner but if it came across as abrasive that definitely wasn’t my intent. I can definitely understand your opinion better now, and agree with much of what you wrote above.

    My personal belief is that respectful disagreements and debates often lead to people having a better understanding of each other, which is probably why I never thought much about leaving a comment with a contrasting opinion, but I never meant for it to be offensive. I whole-heartedly agree with staying true to yourself, and think blogs are an amazing way to express yourself.

  8. Thanks Morgan, you weren't offensive. I simply cannot stand to feel misunderstood. Sometimes I wonder if things come across the way I meant and your comment was one part of seeing maybe I hadn't. You also weren't the only one who felt that way about my post. : )


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