Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vintage Grandbabies

Last night we packed a (large)box of vintage baby clothes away.  We are pretty sure we are all done having babies, so what are we going to do with all these adorable clothes?  Save them for our grandbabies of course!  I love thinking of how much older they will be then.  
This 1940's suit I am keeping out for Dotty to wear this summer.

Love detail
Imagine all the ironing!

A peek at my favorites

Only one of my girls used one, yet somehow I have about 10 christening gowns.  Two from the late 1800's.

Papa does all the folding because he is a perfectionist.
 My work always looks so sloppy next to his on the laundry table.


  1. They will come sooner than you think!
    I just raised teenagers and now there
    are four girls married
    young had children in short order!
    I just got out daughter number 2's
    christening gown and soaked it in
    Biz. Looks pretty good...waiting for
    granddaughter...I hope!!

  2. awwww, i love vintage baby clothes! I have a huge collection and i don't even have any kids (yet) oh how i would love to get my hands on that little blue dress ;) hehe


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