Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Gentleman Caller

Today was my third 'at home'.  Guest doubled this week and I had my first gentleman caller, Joshua.  Joshua is my nephew, I am three years older than he is.  Mind you he didn't dress up to visit, this is how he dresses on a regular basis.  He actually had to leave early for an appointment at his tailor.  Dandy!

I have been experimenting with my hair-you might have noticed in my Easter post.  I had to play with the photo a bit to try to give you a good look.  The look I am going for is a matronlyish Gloria Swanson with bangs.  I am nearly 40 years old and have 4 children I want to love my age and wear it with grace.  


  1. What a FANTASTIC look to go for!! I love it!

  2. Totally love the hair idea.

  3. oh what a handsome caller your hair...just lovely

  4. your hair looks lovely. I wish I could do something interesting with my hair. Maybe you can give me some ideas!

    I would like to try to come to your next At Home. Today I had to go visit the DMV instead, but perhaps next week.

  5. Dare I ask how often people tell him he looked like Zach Galifianakis?

  6. Your hair turned out so nice! Wish I had that sort of patience.
    Josh always looks so nice. I love his style.
    I would love to have "At Home" days. Except, it's never a problem for me since nobody will drive out here. Everybody acts like it is sooooo far, and therefor expects us to drive... even for us to have Our Own Kids' bdays! Whoops. Okay, not going to rant. Cabin fever. I love your home. I can't wait to own one someday.


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