Sunday, May 8, 2011

Does Blogging Validate Me? Part 2

  Yesterday I was questioning my blogging motives.   The problem is not that my blog is all about me. (it would be hard to write it about somebody else) I love the outlet and being a verbal processor I love to share my thoughts and stuff.  In the perfect world (which looks aesthetically like 1949 in my mind) I would have neighbors to share my day with.  Our children would play, we'd hang laundry side by side, sit together on the front steps for a mid morning smoke break, ... BBQ's, play get the picture.  That simply isn't the case these days.  Neighborhoods are full of people who do not know each other.   The attached garage means you press a button pull in and go straight into the house no need to greet your neighbors.  Children's sports, recreation and play dates are organized and away from the home.  Very few women stay home and at the end of the day there are groceries to pick up, dinner to be made, piano lessons drive to, and so forth.  All of this means we connect less and have less in common.

   Politics, economics, trends, religion, and sports are just a few of the ways we are divided and less tolerant.  Yet the bottom line is we crave community.  So here we are social networking, blogging.  The need for others is strong.  I'd love it if you all lived in my neighborhood and although we wouldn't have to be the best of friends we could be friends.  This blog is the next best thing.  The problem for me becomes the sacrifices I make for my blog. Example: Time with my children, housework, and myself.  Yes, I do sacrifice parts of myself because I want to be liked.  I try not to do too many homeschool/Montessori posts because most of my readers aren't homeschoolers, I limit how much I talk about Jesus because many people equate that with religion -which brings me to politics... well I probably wouldn't mention that anyways.   Most of my readers are into vintage clothing and lifestyle.  This drives my blog to lean that direction.  Vintage has been a main staple in my life so it isn't hard to talk about and I enjoy it.  I just have to remind myself I drive my blog not my readers.  Does that make any sense?

  I'll admit I get excited by each and every new follower and when I lose one I feel kinda bad. How much better it feels to gain followers based on the complete, total real me.

P.S.  One of my favorite readers, Shannon,  just commented that online is the new back fence.   Said perfectly!


  1. hear hear! Your comment "I drive my blog, not my readers" is something I will do well to remember. I'm always torn about what to post, I'm always asking myself whether writing about this or that will please my followers the most, often at the expense of writing about what is on my mind. Food for thought-thanks!

  2. I like that last quote ;) It's very true :)

  3. You are absolutely correct when saying life has change through the years, women not staying at home, children not playing outside, and just less connection. This was the reason I searched for on-line friends who i could relate with. To tell you the truth, it makes me happy I found you and everyone else in blog land because now we can talk about the same interests.
    Thank Heaven For Friends and YES! the last quote was said perfectly by Shannon.


  4. Well put post! I agree I crave community but wouldn't want it with most of my neighbours eeek!

    But yes your blog should be about you and what you think, the only reason I don't comment on home schooling is that I have no children and no clue ha ha! I like you for you, I see all the different aspects, don't always comment on what I have no opinion of - very little ;o)

    I haven't blogged lately as I was without my laptop for 11 days and since then have been so busy catching up! It is a small sacrifice but I like it as it's a reminder to me of what I have done, achieved, was thinking, etc etc!

  5. Thank ya!
    I spend far too much time censoring myself in my neck of the woods...nice to find like minds out here...

  6. Well said Shannon! I have the same "neck of the woods" problem.
    I'm basically a married SAHM. I have a 10 y/o that I love, and I live a modest life, in a modest house. I don't need "new" and shiny and brand-name. I'm happy with my antiques and 78's. I have a '54 Bel Air sitting in my driveway waiting to be restored. My neighbors that are my age see it as blasphemy!
    I love your blogs and it's nice to know that in this world there are other people who appreciate family, tradition and a time where I think things were a little simpler than they are now.
    Thank you for writing your blog. We all need a little "back fence" time!

  7. Oh! I'm so glad you've posted this! I wonder the same thing about my blog all the time! I really love that you've equated blogging to a neighbourhood. It is a really great way to meet people who are interested in the same things as you.
    (I am also excited/depressed at that Followers number on my Dashboard when it changes!)


  8. Hi Coedith,
    Just spent too much time perusing your blog... :) I came over from your niece's (Love her!) And I probably would have lurked and left, but after reading this post, I wanted to let you know that you do have readers that home school and love Jesus! At least this one! :) Keep it up in your corner of the blogosphere. Thanks for lots of fun reading.


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