Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day: Remember Stories

Sweet Girls

Papa and Sleepy Dot

"Shhh"...the belt hides the fact the waist snap won't stay snapped.

Today was Memorial Day.  The day we remember military veterans who are no longer with us.  We went out to the cemetery where my dad is buried with flowers to decorate his grave.  (Decoration Day is the old fashioned name for Memorial Day)  It was sweet to find an American flag already placed on his resting place.  The care keepers have list of all veterans and a group, maybe the Boy Scouts, place all the flags.  Our family doesn't find cemeteries sad or scary, we really enjoy them.  We shared stories we remember hearing Grandpa tell about his years in the Air Force.  Being a keeper of a families stories is an honor.  Listen and tell stories often.
It was a wonderful weekend.  Look here for more on what we did.


  1. ...Ahhh, this is so nice. What a wonderful Memorial Day you all had. You know, it's interesting that you mention about some people being uneasy at cemetery because i know quite a few, but as for me...they don't scary me at all. How wonderful it is listen to old time stories.
    Anyway, I enjoyed your posting very much.
    You look beautiful as always.

    Your Blog Friend,

  2. Bless your Dad and the all the other men and women who fought for our freedoms. My Dad was in the Air Force, too! My cousin's son died fighting in Iraq in 2005. Whether they see battle or not, they are brave in my eyes.


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