Friday, June 17, 2011

Life In A Small Pink House: Shelves

Knick knack kitchen shelves.  I believe this was originally a window before our mudroom was added on.

Above the fridge shelves

Papa's book shelves

Photo album shelves

Children/homeschool shelves

A most recent photo of the knick knack shelves.  Papa has added a board and made a safe place for me to store canisters.  Like I have said, in a small house one is continually discovering ways to create more space. Any shelves will do because once you fill them up you don't notice the beat up 80's bookcase.  My oldest has set that she decoupaged, a fun project and looks cute. 

We joke that eventually our entire 1100 square feet will be shelves.   Not pictured are the shelves in the girls bedrooms, the mudroom, hallway and our room.  They truly make it possible to live comfortably in a small home.  Of course one might suggest we cut down on the things going on the shelves.  We have!  I also regret all the books we have gotten rid of for the sake of space.  


  1. you can never have enough knick knack shelves!

  2. I love this!!! I would you to post some pics of spaces around my house as well ( on my blog ).
    What a wonderful post. Specially the last pic of that lovely little one. She is so precious.


  3. Glad I'm not alone! The first shelf's stuff is so colorful and cute!

  4. I love the knik knak shelves ^_^ and your little girl as adorable!

  5. I firmly believe that even if one lives in 4000 square feet or more, things will be a mess if you don't have shelving! I love European, and especially Scandinavian design because it is all about floor to ceiling built in shelving.


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