Friday, July 15, 2011

Epic Road Trip: Food

 We are almost there!  3 more days until we kick off our summer vacation.  Along with the last minute things I am also getting our meals sorted out.  To avoid fast food we aim to picnic all along the way.  Here is a visual list of picnic meals.

After a stay in Europe we adopted this as our standard picnic fare.  We honestly could eat this every day.

We are getting an early start and these bacon cheddar muffins will be the perfect breakfast.

Lots of fruit!

Another family favorite.  Hummus, cucumbers and pita.  We'll also toss in a few tomatoes and feta cheese.

Elaborating on the yogurt cup.

Good ol' peanut butter & honey.  Great because the ingredients don't need refrigerating. 

This along with the usual goldfish crackers, animal cookies, raisins, nuts, and fruit snacks should get us across 5 states.  I need to remind myself there are grocery stores along the way to keep from worrying too much about having it all ready to go.


  1. Can't beat bread olives and cheese, I'll leave the meat as I'm veggie but this is our standard fall back for a picnic lunch! oooh and houmous I haven't had for a while, mmmm must get some!

  2. My family and I also do the picnic on the way on road trips. We just love it. All the food here looks so delicious, mmmmm.

  3. I always loved taking the drive to the beach with my mom, she would pack a snack. Cold red grapes and chunks of monterey jack cheese went really well together. so that is one thing I always like in a picnic, no matter where I go! I love picnics for car trips, no need to worry about finding a spot when you get hungry, it is just there with you

  4. a sensible eating plan, yay! the pictures all look so good, as it happens i'm halfway through making hummus right now, yum! Can't wait to hear all about your trip.xx.


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