Friday, July 1, 2011

It's About Style Not Age

I started wearing vintage because it was readily available and cheap at thrift stores.  It also was the natural progression of growing up in my particular scene at the time.  We were Bay Area punks, skins, just seemed to be what a lot of us graduated into about the same time I graduated high school.  It began with mainly 50's clothing and by the time I got married at 22,  it was the 30's and 40's.  I feel my clothing mellowed as I did.

A few days ago.

Senior Prom

One of the top reasons I have continued wearing vintage is the feel, the cut, the quality- once you have experienced living in those clothes it is super hard to go back!  When I shop for clothing those are the things I look for more than the year.  A particular silhouette, cotton dresses with a cinched waist and full skirt are my absolute favorite.  Shopping in a new store is as much of a hunt for me as a thrift store.  I am looking for that particular "feel" or "look" that isn't easy to explain, I just know it when I see it.  There are repro lines, although I prefer finding on the rack clothing that fits the bill with out trying too hard.  Of course, there are plenty of times I miss the mark, but for the most part people are surprised when they find out what I am wearing isn't vintage.


  1. Oh my...I love your first pic, that dress is just darling. Isn't dressing up a whole lot of fun? I feel clothes are an expression of who we are, and I love the thrill of the hunt, no matter if new or used. It's how we combine our outfits that makes us truly unique.


  2. I just love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.
    I adore your grad photo!

  3. I love your prom dress! Well really I love all your dresses. Wish I could raid your closet!
    Speaking of the time when vintage was cheap, yes, I can remember finding cute day dresses for a buck or two at the thrifts. Now if there is anything good to be found it's always marked up!

  4. I often can so identify with your posts and this one is no exception. I too started in vintage (in Portland, OR in the '80's) because I could only afford to buy clothes at thrift stores. I was one weird girl graduating from high school in Lake Oswego in 1984 in a 1940's crepe dress.

    Somehow I found my style in the 40's and 50's dresses and have stuck with it into my 40's. People often say "that is so cute, but I could never pull it off" and I begin to wonder if an age will come where I won't be able to "pull it off." I've decided it's about comfort and confidence. I wear my hair in pin curls, have rhinestone cat eye glasses (now that I'm old enough to need glasses) and wear dresses and petticoats to work.

    There aren't too many kindred spirits out here on the east coast so I love reading your blog and feeling as if I'm not so strange after all. As a mom as well, I know time is hard to come by so I so appreciate you taking the time to write this blog! Thanks!

  5. I believe that vintage clothes are timeless and people of any age can wear them, my mom runs into a lady in a small town that she shops in on a regular basis, this lady is in her 60's and every time she sees she is wearing vintage my mom says her clothes look like they are from the 1930's. My mom compliments her every time she sees her.

  6. That prom pic is sooo cute! I also started wearing vintage clothes in the 80s cos I loved the style and of course it wasn't expensive either which helped. I started 50s, quickly went to 40s then realised almost as quickly that 40s style suited me best and actually I love it. Nothing has changed in that sense, I wonder often how long I'll be able to have bright red hair & wear colourful 50s clothes, but I'll do it as long as I can then I guess I'll got very classic 50s!

  7. Love this post! I too started buying vintage dresses in high school. I was attrached to pretty florals despite my gothic ways! Oh how I miss the days when vintage was only a few dollars and it was easy to find at any second hand store! My look has evolved, but the basic style has remained the same. I too look for something very specific when I am shopping.

  8. you've said your crowd was "skins", meaning "skinheads"? oooooops. not something to be proud of, I guess


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