Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Cow Came Home

Betsy the cow with the little pink playhouse in the background.

Mav surprised me with this cow on Christmas, 2002.  Her name is Betsy and I adore her.  He and I had been out one day and saw her in a local antique shop's window.  Love at first sight.  We had a peek at her, but I am cheap and she wasn't.  Then a few days later I kept thinking about her.  I had my mom call the shop (I never call places-weird I know) and they let her know it had been sold.  Then, of course, I wanted her even more!  Fast forward to Christmas Eve when I come home and she is in the backyard.  Perfectly sitting under the apple tree where I can gaze at her out our kitchen window as I wash dishes.  (yes, I pretend I live on a farm) It took 4 men to get her lifted and moved into our yard because she is solid concrete. 

Here as a prop for Christmas cards

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly fit one more on her...

All four of our girls.  They have so much fun with her. 

Cow washing time!


  1. Love the cow. I adore cows and wish I could find one to go in my back garden. Your a very lucky lady!

  2. Oh how wonderful! Luckily, living in the Devon countryside {south west England} means we don't have to go very far to find some real cows. What my two wouldn't give to get in on some cow washing!

    Loveaudrey xXx

  3. Your hair looks really cute at that length!

  4. ohh thats so cute! I like cows

  5. I love hearing the stories behind these kind of items. I've seen it a dozen times but never really thought about it. What a guy that Mav is!


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