Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Week In Cool Stuff Papa Paints Me

One of the perks of being married to an artist.
(I wish I had better pictures, so you could see these in their true glory!) 

Mav gave this to me for our anniversary last week.  It is my favorite!  Our tattoos are even correct.  It is a rendition of a Norman Rockwell illustration, 'On Top Of The World'.

This one is our family as snowmen.  It was inspired by my favorite vintage ornament.

Using a vintage postcard.

He knows I love pink bows.

We are love birds.

This is what my first two years as a mama looked like.


All paintings are done in ink and watercolor.  Yes, watercolor.


  1. those are so incredibly beautiful. Seeing things like this makes me really happy - it gives me faith that love is real. Congrats on 17 years! xo

  2. Those are so sweet. Happy 17th Anniversary!!

  3. Happy 17th anniversary! That is such a lovely piece of art he made for you!


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