Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lucy Topp Visits The Pink House

I am starting the New Year off with a visitor to The Pink House blog. 
There are very few people I meet online that, although our status is 'friends', I truly consider a friend.  Lucy is the exception.  She has always come along side to encourage and help me see the brighter side of things.  I chose Lucy for my first post of 2012 because I have been inspired by her to be a better me, and I think you will also. She is a beautiful person inside and out.  I am happy to introduce to you, Lucy Topp.

Welcome! Thank you so much for joining me here at Life In A Pink House!

I have many questions to ask, but they are all summed up in just one- How do you do it?
How do you manage to remain absolutely glamourous while being a doting mother, loving wife, and successful make up artist?  Topping it all with the fact you are one of the kindest people I know.

Goodness.... well that is VERY kind and certainly not how I think of myself every day! Honestly, I just try and do the best I can on a daily basis. Some days I feel exhausted and like I am only just keeping all the balls in the air and other days everything goes according to plan and I feel like Superwoman! My Husband works as a Personal Trainer, so he is always gone in the morning from 6am and is gone most evenings and Saturday’s too! So I have learnt to be very organised with the kidlets and get as much sorted the night before as possible!  Kid’s clothes out, lunches packed, breakfast stuff out.... this way things flow a lot more smoothly! I adore my job, so that makes it very easy to do... it is still a juggle with the kids but it always works out somehow! I feel very blessed that I am paid to do something I am so passionate about.... but my babies have always come first! As for glamour, I practise what I preach! I know that a scarf, some red lips and a pretty brooch can work WONDERS for how you feel each day.... Look Good, Feel Good! So true! Take a little time to make an effort with your appearance and you will feel so much better in yourself and in your day! You are worth it! xxx

Describe for us a typical Lucy Topp day.

Well.... they are ALWAYS different.... but I will give it a go! I usually get up at 6am before the kids and do about 20mins of exercise in my pyjamas! I do either yoga or some light weights and body exercises! I do this about 3 times a week, more for my headspace than my body! It just makes me feel good (although sometimes I skip it and sleep in!) Then I make a cup of green tea and put my face on and do my hair, before kiddies wake up at 7! We have breakfast together, get dressed, do lunches etc... (find lost library books/shoes/hats... come up with news....) then we walk to school!
I come into reading with the kiddies... I love doing this and getting to know all their friends too! Then I usually rush home and catch up on my email enquiries and bookings, check my Facebook Makeup page and update it with (hopefully) something interesting! I might take the doggies for a walk and tidy up, then head off to do a Makeup Lesson or Bridal Trial! Once a week I do a big grocery shop, but I usually pick up a few things for dinner and then it is time to pick up kiddies from school at 3pm. A few afternoons a week we head off to swimming or baseball/dancing.... we might have a milkshake after, then home for baths and dinner. We have quiet play and read books before I tuck them in about 8pm. If I don’t have a Bridal Shower party or Corporate Job and am home instead, then I will make a second dinner for Hubby and myself! He gets home about 8.30.... we will have some dinner, maybe watch a film. Then we tidy up and sort out things for the next day! I get to bed about 10pm and try to read for a while! Lights Out.... boom, asleep! (Until one of the kiddies creep into bed with us of course) x

If we met you at the playground what would you be wearing?

Well, I dress pretty much the same no matter what I am doing. It is Summer here now in Sydney Australia, so you usually find me in a long sundress, belted with my favourite rose buckle belt, maybe with a little lace jacket over the top. I would have a long scarf tied around my neck, an assortment of bracelets, rings and earrings. A cool hat of course to keep my face out of the sun (I have millions!) I love my lace up ankle boots which are comfortable and cute! Always red lips and a vintage brooch and a spray of my favourite perfume ‘Angel’.

Is there a secret to your positive attitude?

Hmmm.... Well I know this sounds simple and silly but I just CHOOSE to be happy and to spread joy as much as I can! I love helping people and making them feel good... it makes me feel good too! Don’t get me wrong, I still have bad days where everything seems to go wrong and I get cross or sad, but after a little bit I CHOOSE to snap out of it and move on! I had a bit of a rough childhood, my Daddy used to be very physically and verbally abusive to me, when I was 15 he died of cancer. My Mama was an alcoholic and after Dad died she moved in a boyfriend with a heroin addiction. I moved out of home at 16 and lived with my best friend and her family until I finished school. From 17 I was fending for myself and never had anyone to catch me if I fell. This sounds like a sad story, but it made me very strong and independent. My Mama died of Emphysema three years ago and her illness and death have shown me how precious life is... don’t waste a day, you don’t know how many more are coming.
I have been VERY blessed to have lovely people come in to my life, who’ve guided and protected me, even though they didn’t have to and that meant SO much to me. I choose to surround myself with good, kind, fabulous people. Also... I truly LOVE my life and feel so lucky that it turned out this way.... that makes me so happy!

I know, like myself, you will be turning 40 soon.  Has your sense of style with clothing or makeup reflected this maturity? (While we are here, the crease in my eyelids is now so deep my eyeshadow practically disappears.  Do you have a suggestion for younger looking eyes?)

Yes.... I am 40 in March, 2012! How did that happen! I don’t think my style has changed because of my age...just a natural progression of changing inspiration and getting bored with myself! I have recently become a redhead which is SO much fun! I am naturally brunette and have been black for the last 5 years. I decided to lighten up, but due to the lightening process, I started going red and said to my fabulous hairdresser.... ‘lets’s just go with it!’... it was weird for the first few weeks... I got a shock when I looked in the mirror... but now I feel it suits my personality much better and who knew for all these years, there has been a redhead waiting to get out!
As for eye makeup in your older years... I have worn less and less and let my ‘red’ mouth do the talking. I find as you get older heavy eye-makeup ages you and smudges and creases in all the wrong places! It doesn’t mean you can’t wear it... just be light with your application.... a soft shadow, with a smudge of liner on your lashes and lashings of black mascara on top and outer corner of bottom lashes looks amazing.... define your eyebrows (a lost art) add some pinky blush and a slick of bright lippy... you will feel fabulous!
As I get older I am much more confident and happy in myself... so much more so than in my 20’s! My amazing body has birthed 2 gorgeous babies.... how fabulous is that! xx

I recently saw a very tasteful picture of you nude.  Your body is amazing!  I know you are married to a personal trainer, and I wonder what your exercise regimen consists of?  How do you find time?1

I will be honest with you upfront and say that my figure is mainly thanks to genes! Although I was very fit in my 20’s and worked as a Personal Trainer myself for 7 years before I had my babies.... after I had them I was SO busy with baby stuff, all exercise routines fell to the wayside. Back then I couldn’t imagine a day without a run and one hour workout... but now, although I am active with the kiddies and doggies... I don’t go to a gym or have a set exercise routine! I walk everywhere... I try and do yoga or light weight exercises 2-3 mornings a week, we eat pretty healthy (but in NO way health food) most days. We eat pizza every week and every night I have a little chocolate! I believe in everything in moderation.... the fastest way to want to eat a bucket of something is to deny yourself it!! I want to live a long, happy and healthy life for as long as possible... you need to look after yourself to do that!

You do beautiful pin up styles and makeup.  What is the main ingredient to achieving a 'pin up' look?

Well... I think the first step is a flawless base! Most people think that is the easy part... slap it on and move on to the next step. But I spend most of my time making the base perfect.... then everything else will look amazing. You don’t want to look like you have good ‘makeup’ you want to look like you have good skin! After that... brows, liquid line and red lips perfect the look!

You offer great tips to encourage others look and feel their best on your facebook page.  (btw thank you, just last week I wore the updo you suggested.)  What tips do you have for women who might read this blog?

Firstly.... there is only ONE you ever.... embrace who you are and what makes you unique! Our differences are what make us memorable! If you like blue eyeshadow and feather earrings WEAR THEM... don’t let other’s style dictate what you should like! Be yourself.... experiment! Makeup is FUN and comes on and off.... it is not a tattoo... so don’t get stuck in a rut! Look through magazines and try new looks, wear a kick ass red lippy.... try false lashes! Change your hair colour; wear something you wouldn’t normally try! We only have one go at this thing called life.... ENJOY it!

What are your essential beauty items/products?

For skin care I have always kept it simple.... Cetaphil lotion, Rose water, Oil of Olay moisturiser and Paw Paw ointment as lip and eye cream! I use a light scrub once or twice a week and take fish oil capsules. I wear a sunblock everyday and a hat if I am outside for a long time... and I drink a LOAD of water (my Grandma told me to do that!). Otherwise... I am addicted to red lipstick, gorgeous perfume, scarves, earrings, and brooches.... they make every outfit look finished! x

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I love that as women, we are all sisters and it is wonderful when we support and love each other. Thank you so much Coedith, for asking me to share a little of myself with your readers.... I hope some of it is helpful and if anyone ever has any makeup or beauty questions I would LOVE to help you! Contact me on my Facebook Makeup Page!/pages/Lucy-Topp-Makeup/127145863995268    or on my Website   to send me a message or enquiry.

Much Lucy Love to you all...... xxx L


  1. Wow....awesome!! I adore Lucy and it was nice to get to know her a little better. She is so inspiring, too!

  2. Holy moly! Thank you! You just made this new mom's day!!!

  3. I really do love Lucy! She is so positive and beautiful insid and out! Oh and I saw that nudie pic she has a great bum! ;)

  4. Such a great read! I've been following Lucy's posts on Facebook for a while now and I never skip past her posts. She is an amazing woman with a truly inspirational story. I think we can all learn a lesson in positivity from her! Thank you for choosing such a worthy woman for your first blog of 2012!

  5. I had the opportunity to meet Lucy last
    year at a pin up makeup class. She
    truely is a lovely lady. I totally agree,
    that you have to live everyday to it's
    fullest! Great read, thank you for


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