Thursday, January 12, 2012

Revlon Over MAC (you heard me)

I thought I'd give you a little update on my big make up switch.  You may recall I replaced my make up counter brands with drugstore ones.  The one switch I already know will be permanent is the lipstick.  I gave up MAC and bought Revlon Super Lustrous.  When I first put on the Rum Raisin I was sure I had found my new shade, then I tried the Black Cherry- I love them both.  I highly recommend this lipstick.   Just today I came across this image on Pinterest-

I am off to buy Cherries in the Snow lip and nail color.  


  1. I have Fire and Ice and Black Chery too and I completely agree, so much better than any department store lipstick. Thanks for sharing the pic, interesting!

  2. Cherries In The Snow is a beautiful pretty. I remember my Non used to wear it and it's gorgeous :)

  3. oooh so interesting, I have a Mac lipstick the only one I've ever bought and when it runs out I'll give this a go. I don't wear loads of shades anyway I've very much a one shade kinda gal, red! Although I do occasionally wear a browny red, pink is certainly not me for some reason I just don't suit pink.

  4. I am so with you on this one!! Sadly Revlon make up isn't sold in Denmark where I live but when I visit the States once a year I stock up on the lipsticks and nail polishes. I have all the shades above (except for Luminous Pink) plus some newer shades - but I think Cherries in the snow just might be my very favorite of them all:)

  5. i am a longtime revlon devotee~cherries in the snow is awesome, as are fire and ice and certainly red lipsticks. and the nail polish wears like iron!! some of my friends swear by opi, but honestly, revlon beats it by a mile. my other two favorite shades of polish are vixen and valentine. their top coat also rules.
    have fun!!~k

    1. Sadly, unless they've gone back to the original, the formulas for these have been changed and the colors are "off". There was a whole thread about it at The Fedora Lounge.

      I was very disappointed but perhaps you'll have better luck :)


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