Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For The Love Of The Bob

At 2yr and 4mos. Dotty was overdue for a haircut.  I had trimmed her bangs in one quick snip a few months ago, but this time we took her to my friend and hairdresser Kari. 

Here is her after picture.  Cute as a button!  She even got some sparkles to go with her lollipop.
  I am a big fan of my girls wearing short hair.  We do not have to use bottles of No More Tangles just to brush their hair each morning and it is out of their way.   Of course about age 6 they want to begin growing it out.  I am always a little sad when that happens and have said that is why I keep having babies, so I can bob their hair.

I couldn't resist adding these pictures of my other little girls with their bobs.

Look at that amazing a-line, on a 2 year old!

Many years before Miss Suri Cruise brought it back into fashion.


  1. i have 4 girls and the exact same experience at my house. i bobbed all their hair when they were tiny! now they all have long hair to donate...

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  3. I so agree with you on this - little girls look better in short, bobbed hair.


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