Sunday, January 18, 2009

Measuring Up

There was an article recently suggesting Facebook can make you a bad mom.  (Make??)  Something about our children being Facebook orphans.  I totally agree.  ( yet a quick trip to Walmart will quickly provide perspective to the term 'bad mom' )  I have only been a Facebooker about 2 weeks, but my first thought was 'how do people have time for their children?'  I have a hard enough time without Facebook.  Then there are the blogs...
I look at blogs written by moms on homeschooling, meal planning, budgeting, sewing etc... I become enraptured by their wisdom.  How beautifully they clothe and feed their family for a dime a day all while wearing their 5 children in an organic baby carrier and breastfeeding with the love of Jesus.  (You know the ones!)  I want to be just like them.  Then I realize I don't know html.


  1. yeah, try having the facebook on your phone. while you're shopping at Target and your wife ask what you're looking at. Just say "nothing". It's less humiliating.

  2. I work online, so most of what I do is in the middle of the night, while the kid is asleep or at school. When it's summer and no school, I work during the hot part of the afternoon, while he wants to watch evening shows and go without a lot of sleep.

    Yes, I blog. Yes, I have facebook, and yes my life is pretty much on the inter webs, but I try and remember to cut off, and my days off, however rare, are just


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