Friday, January 9, 2009


I was going to avoid the whole New Year's resolutions thing, but I keep coming up with things I hope to accomplish/change.
1.  Create items to sell on Etsy (children's clothing, embroidered items all with tattoo designs)
2. Ride my stationary bike-often.
3. Scan our photo negatives.
4. Go to Disneyland
5. Go to Ohio
6. Go to San Francisco
7. Go to Vancouver BC
8. Grow a vegetable garden
9. Read 1 book a week
10. Be prepared to homeschool in the fall.
11. Go to the dentist.
12. Have a baby.
13. Paint the bathroom.


  1. I offer my nanny services in San Francisco.

  2. You've pretty much made about 1/2 this list already-- better than most! :)


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