Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The picture above was taken at Ruth's VMS graduation. Her and her friend Cassandra are holding Pearl. Pearl is 2 days old.
Tomorrow is Pearl's graduation from Montessori school. She has been in the Sunflower class room 3 full years. Yesterday was her birthday celebration. She carried the globe around the 'sun' (a candle) 6 times, while we all sang "the earth goes around the sun, the earth goes around the sun, it takes 12 months for the earth to go around the sun." Her confidence, joy and pride were evident.
Tomorrow is also Grace's last day at Vancouver Montessori School. She had one year. It is hard to pull her out before she had all three years as Pearl and Ruth both got. Economics, distance, time and a new baby in the fall all contributed to the decision. I am sad. Yet of all three girls I believe Grace needed it less, or rather needed it for other reasons. I mentioned Pearl's confidence, Grace doesn't lack that to begin with. She does however need the stimulation and freedom with in consistent boundaries that Montessori provided.
I have my work cut out for me home schooling these two. I am not waiting until the fall to begin. With the arrival of Dotti in late September, I need to be prepared and ahead of the game long before then.
Pearl will eagerly learn from me. My personal attention keeps her captive. Grace unfortunately doesn't like me to show/teach her anything. She likes learning on her own. I am going to have to develop ways to teach her non directly, where she can observe with out being "shown."

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