Monday, June 15, 2009


Do you ever feel like your living just to get through one busy day followed by a busier one? I keep looking for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel only to have it appear further in the distance.
Today was to be it, the end of a busy, busy week. (because I work at a church I consider Sunday my Friday) Last week was Pearl's birthday, Pearl's graduation, a children's ministry conference, family in town, and wrapping it up was a Sunday spent teaching two services in a row (unplanned) a family get together followed by Compass' Vision Celebration service. I shared a bit of "My Story". Talking in front of more than a hundred people and trying to be completely "authentic" was a stretch! I began crying before I even spoke. I don't cry. During worship when a song touches me to tears I fight it, sometimes to the point of getting up to "check on the children".
So it was big for me. I needed to do it and feel a great sense of accomplishment and relief. I had it all written out and had shown it to Mav. He asked me to read it for him so we could see how long it was. I couldn't, I told him I only had it in me to read it aloud one time and I'd have to save that for the service.

Now just as the "light" was within reach I realize how much I need to do to prepare for Art Camp next week. Not a moment to spare.

I also am forced to tackle the truth about whether or not I can keep this pace up. I am struggling now- what will it look like when we have a new baby in the fall?

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