Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beyond Flat Boxes

Recently the girls and I loaded up our babies and headed to Ikea.  Why on earth would I check them into
'smaland'  when as you can see that is not where the fun is?!  I must add we were able to have a great time without disturbing other shoppers or causing the employees to cringe.  It will definitely be added to our list of rainy day activities.  (We live in the northwest so we need a bundle of them!)  I know opinions about Ikea can go either way, but I will admit I love it.  My dreams of organization are fueled!  I think my husband could gladly live the rest of his life never returning.  What can I say?  I'm a cheap date.


  1. I love Ikea too! but it's one of those places where I like to go by myself, especially not with the mister :) he could happily do without Ikea, but for me, it's an escape into organization land for me :) Looks like you and the babies had fun!

  2. Wow it looks like such a fun playground!! I've only been to Ikea once and that was years ago :(
    Lottie x


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