Monday, March 8, 2010

Vintage Scramble

I loved starring in Solanah's blog recently.  I was flattered and complimented- not only by her but also everyone's sweet comments.  A lot of her readers wanted to know what happened to the sailor dress.  This gave me the idea of putting together photos of me in the dresses and showing where they are now.  
 If you saw/remember her blog you may notice I didn't do all the dresses, some are still in my current rotation.  Others as you know belong to Solanah and a couple to my oldest, Ruth.  The one that got away, I have no idea where, was the red polka dot dress.  I also added a few others to the mix.
So have fun and see if you can match the dresses.  All of the dresses I am pictured in have a match-except for one.  
Do you recognize Miss Vixen Vintage herself in the group of little girls?  You can see she was just as photogenic at 10 years old.   (I let them have those dresses to play in!)
That reminds me that particular photo was taken at her birthday party and today IS her birthday.  Perfect.  Happy Birthday Solanah!


  1. Oh this is so cool, and I wish I knew what happened to that polka dot dress! And thanks!

  2. i loved seeing this pictures of you! you are so lovely. and solanah looks so much like you! great collage.

  3. I think the clothing makes us look alike. And the fact I choose only pictures where I look good. She always looks great without effort. And looks almost exactly like her mama.

  4. What fun! These are great. I must admit that it makes me jealous that I don't have family to hand down their treasures to me. I guess I'll have to be the one to hold onto my vintage finds on the off chance that someone in the family will want them in the future.


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