Monday, March 8, 2010

Life in the Pink Tower: Infant Space

As I have mentioned, our home is small.  Our babies have never had a nursery.  Instead they 'bunk' in our room and we create a space for them in our main living space- the living room.  This area is prepared for baby to use right from the start.  We have a low shelf, with very few select objects seen above.  Each one has it's space and is always returned to it.  Baby will be very satisfied to one day be able to get for herself the object she has known since she was born.  It creates an inner determination for movement and shows we respect her timetable for such achievements of her own effort.
We place a quilt and lambskin on the floor to give her freedom of movement and development which can be restricted by too much time in car seats, swings, bouncy seats etc... Above her we place a 'musina toy hanger'.  I remember how proud her sisters were of her the day she reached for and grabbed one of the hanging toys.  To me this is the most important toy my babies have.  We use it right from the start and are still using it now that she is sitting up.  I think it gave her a whole new perspective.  The one we have was pricey and I understand it may not be an option for everyone.  But I found this one very reasonably priced at Ikea.  Had it been available I may have purchased it instead.  (you can also purchase a lambskin at Ikea)
Here is another option that can easily be found at garage sales.  I actually had one of these with my first baby.   The down side of this one is it is plastic and usually comes with some sort of character marketing, I think this one is Sasame Street.  But I still don't rule it out as an option.
Remember that contrary to popular belief, too much-either color or stuff, actually over stimulates and can irritate baby.  They are always taking everything in without filters.   Everything naturally is new and exciting to her.  That is why babies need so much sleep to process all they take in while awake.  So try not to worry about choosing a theme for the nursery.  Choose one if you want, but remember it is more for you than her.  As any mama can tell you their baby's face lights up the most at the sight of YOU.
Last but definitely not least is the wall mirror.  It needs to be acrylic with smooth edges.

A note about the lamb on top: she is vintage and I couldn't help myself from putting her out.  But I won't be able to let baby play with her because she more than likely is toxic.  Please remember that when you have a vintage toy for your children.  It is best to wait until they are well past the put in the mouth stage, maybe 4 years old.
Another note about having baby in your main living space:  If you have the TV on be mindful of what she hears.  To her they are real and tones can be frightening,  remember she has no filters.


  1. I love that you never have a million toys spilling out and collecting dust bunnies. Not that your house has dust bunnies. But, you know what I mean...

  2. Maybe a chicken bone or two,,,,

  3. I appreciate the way you value your children, Nichole. It's super-helpful for me as a dad to see how other parents value their children. It spurs me on to continually ask how I'm valuing and appreciating my children.


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