Saturday, March 6, 2010

Musical Bedrooms

  You have to know I LOVE my pink house. is snug with our family of six.  1200 square feet, 2 official bedrooms, an additional basement room which tries to sneak in as a bedroom, and 1 bathroom.  Yes, 1.  4 daughters, one small bathroom.  It is funny to me how for some this could never do.  Yet just a few years ago that was the norm.  That is why many of us who live in older homes (ours is 1916) have a single bathroom.  Families certainly weren't smaller then.
 I have been tempted to "buy up".  But truthfully I would rather make this work.  I replicate an era I missed in so many ways, what is one more?
 However you label it "Vintage" lifestyle or living "Sustainably" we are going to make this pink house fit.  So I am constantly rearranging, hoping to discover more square footage.  This is one of those times.

  Before Dotty was born I decided Mav and I would move into our oldest daughter's basement room, she would move into the room shared by Pearl and Grace, which is the smallest- and they would move into the room left vacant by Mav and I.  We did that.  Now after several months and a new baby, I decided to switch it all up again.  Mav and I are going back to our original bedroom- the one with the wallpaper I love that he once hung for me.  Here are some work in progress photos.  I hope to share the finished ones soon.   We did take a break to day and get out in the sunshine as you can see by a couple photos.  Doesn't Grace have wonderful style?


  1. I just landed here and wanted to say hey! Love your vintage, love your little pink house, and love your posts about the kiddos!
    Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks Shannon! It has been challenging because I get the most response from my vintage post but I love the children ones. Balance. I hoped there would be readers who both appealed to. Thanks for the encouragement.


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