Sunday, March 7, 2010

Expo Buys

Mav, Dotty and I caught the last few hours of the Portland antique expo this afternoon.  It was like a date, except for Dotty and well the fact Mav and I weren't together half of the time.  I want to do a quick run through then go back and shop.  Mav can spend an hour in one booth of ephemera.  I get impatient.  But it is fun and we run into each other and I show him the things I like and he buys them for me.  Perfect.  Above are those things.
 I absolutely love the first dress.  I bought both dresses at Time Was vintage.  Their clothing and prices are fabulous.  Next you see a sampler- perfect for my post Musical Bedrooms.  The Bunnykins plate I couldn't resist because the mama is rolling out pie crusts. ( If you only knew how many photos I have of our family and rolling pins.)
Mav surprised me with the bracelet on our way home.  He is a hopeless romantic and bought it because it was green with yellow flecks like my eyes.  He's the best.
Not pictured is a birthday gift for Solanah.  Shhhh.
Speaking of Vixen Vintage, I was recognized from her blog while out at expo and got to meet the darling Brooksie.


  1. That first dress is my favorite, but what perfect finds! Love the sampler thats so perfect for you. And how cool you were recognized!

  2. Wow everything is so pretty! I love the first dress very much. And the bracelet story is too cute :)
    Lottie x

  3. love! and your face in the first picture made me crack up. "don't mess with mama!" i am so envious of the expo. i'm glad you had fun!

  4. That first dress!!! I nearly nearly nearly bought it for my etsy shop, but put it back. I am SO glad you bought it!!!!


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