Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I have too much stuff and I have decided a lot of it must go.  Here is a glimpse of my first sweep.  You see my girls had fun playing with all of it.  They also claimed a few things for themselves!   I am trying decide if I want to go to the trouble of a garage sale. I didn't bother showing you all the 'uncute' stuff... cookware, dishes, etc... I'll post more as I gather them up!


  1. garage sale!!! I see a ton of stuff I'd buy. seriously. I have one of those tiki mugs in the back, love the bamboo vases and definitely the head vases!!!! Eep!

  2. Dana- as soon as Solanah goes through the stuff I have you are welcome to come and get whatever you want.

  3. I own 3 things that are in the first picture!
    I'd be happy to buy the two bamboo planters.

    We're spring cleaning today too and I'm so darn over it.

  4. I've been looking for a good head vase for awhile! I'd buy them from you happily!


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