Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Breakfast Party

   My brother is visiting from out of state and that is all the reason we needed to get together for a breakfast party.  (I could say 'this morning some of our family came over for breakfast' but that just doesn't sound as fun)  We did an oatmeal bar where you could build your own oatmeal.  Pina colada, s'more, and pb&j were a few variations.   I brought out a puzzle that has been sitting in our living room for over 9 months.  It is as mystery puzzle about the Titanic.  Have any of you ever done a mystery puzzle?  It comes with a short story and a mystery to be solved by putting together the puzzle for clues.  This means there is no picture reference to look at while working the puzzle.  Challenging!  That's me, Solanah and my niece Amy doing the puzzle.  This picture reminds me of countless others I have of the three of us together.  We are all very similar, yet distinct in style variations.  You wouldn't believe the clothing that has passed between us.  (I may just have to do a post on that.) 
I wore this olive dress that had been packed away during pregnancy.  I took a picture of the back because that is the cutest part.  I picked it up while visiting Ohio a few years ago.  


  1. What a lovely idea.... a breakfast party.... so often lunches and dinners never seem to happen.
    You have a lovely family and your posts always inspire me. I have two small children and a love of vintage also, you are a kindred spirit!
    xx Lucy

  2. I also like to make everything a party. It is fancy! An oatmeal bar is a fabulous idea. When I've had breakfast gatherings it's usually so much crap that I have to roll the guests into their cars. BTW I noticed you've mentioned Ohio a couple of times...I live in Columbus. :-)

  3. HI,

    I love the fact that you are holding a baby, wearing an adorable apron and a cute feminine dress! You are the picture of the happy homemaker.

  4. Shannon, My brother moved out to Ohio 5 years ago. We try to go out once a year. He is in Akron. We visited Columbus when he first moved. A museum there (I think a science one) had a Titanic exhibit we went for.


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