Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Water Makes It More Fun

Looking through some photos I realized we do a lot of "washing" here in the pink house.
Washing Clothes

Washing windows

Washing floors

Washing boots

Washing highchairs

even mailboxes!

A little bit of water, bucket, soap/vinegar, washing cloth and a drying cloth are all you need.  I caution you though, do not think of this as a great way to get your children to clean your house.  I assure you it makes more work for you.  (remember either clean up any "messes" with them or clean up when they don't see you do it)  The desire is for the child to feel successful when they complete the activity and feel proud they did something useful. 
Here is a picture of the window washing I have prepared on a shelf for them.


  1. My little girl loves washing all her toys.... you're right about the mess! But really, it's just water! xx Lucy

  2. oh my...by far the cutest darn blog I have come across in awhile!!! LOVE that you are a tattoed, hip, god lovin' gal!!!!!
    Thanks for my daily dose of cute!


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