Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Even Better Than A Blue Ribbon!

This morning I had the sweetest little surprise, I was a winner!  What did I win?  Well, that cute gingham number pictures above.  And who did I win it from?  The Vintage Housewife, the one and only Cat.  Now I'm sure most of you are familiar with her blog, but did you know she started another?!  She did!  And it is all about her closet.  You should go and see some of the goodies in there.  Cat's style is one I just adore and relate to more than any.  Good ole' cotton feedsack dresses.  Perfect for us Mama's.  So I am just thrilled to be adding another to my closet.   Thank you Cat, I admire you more each time I read your blog.  Thanks for the glimpse you give us into your life.


  1. Oh Coedith I'm so excited to read of you being a winner. What a great surprise! I'm also a reader of Cat's blog and let me say that i can't help to love her life style, and yours too. Congratulations!!!

  2. congrats kitten!!! thanks for the sweet sugard comment and placing me on your amazing blog! email your info again please to


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