Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's Catch Up

My computer has been acting up and in the shop all last week.  Causing me to fall behind with blogging all our summer fun.  Here are some photos to catch us up.

While attempting to sort the garage I decided to sell these panther pictures.  I love them, but they haven't been hung in the 10 years I have had them.  (I do have their big brother's hanging in my living room)  Bakelite Bebe was kind enough to take them off my hands.
The girls were thrilled to find Papa's old "boy Barbie's" while we were out in the garage.

We hung out with some babies.  At this BBQ there were 5 one and under!

We went to the coast and explored shipwrecks.

Ruth went camping.

Pearl and Grace attended VBS.

We caught crickets to put in our Chinese grasshopper container.  Followed by Chinese food.

We used the leftovers for a delish East meets West BBQ the following day.  Where Pearl helped her Mama out with a slight costume malfunction.
So I hope we are all caught up and can look forward to the rest of the summer.  Although my laptop is still acting up so off the the shop again tomorrow!


  1. Your outfit on the beach is lovely!!! Looks like you're having a fab summer!

  2. It looks like you all been having a wonderful time. Love all your pics. I hope your computer get's well soon. xo, jacqueline

  3. Looks like summer in full swing! It's so cool that you posted that Chinese grasshopper container---I was just re-reading "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck, and one of the characters makes one, and I couldn't sort of get my mind around what the author meant.
    You and your family are adorable!

  4. That looks like a lovely week and I LOVE those panther pictures boy I wish we could find stuff like that over in the UK, I do look on ebay occasionally but no one will ship them over here :o(

  5. did you guys have High Seas Expedition too for VBS? I've been in all the skits at my church and that is what we've been doing. . .it just looked like that is what it was with that background.

    seems like a great time you've been all having!

  6. Happy you're back!! Thanks again for the pictures, they are going to look very nice in the bedroom.
    Also, where do you eat Chinese around here? I am always looking for a good Chinese restaurant.
    Looks like you've been busy lately too!!! :)


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