Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Reading All Year

We love books.  I don't know what we would do without our library.  The limit we can check out is 50 per library card.  There have been many times it takes two of our library cards to get all of our books checked out.  (Luckily we now have 4 cards between us so I think we are in the clear.)  Here are a few of our tried and true authors I highly recommend.

  • Anne Rinaldi writes historical fiction with main characters young girls, ages 9 and up can relate to.  I also love what she says got her into this genre:     Rinaldi was drawn to American history when her son, Ron, became involved in Revolutionary War re-enactments while he was in high school. “Most mothers go to soccer or football games,” said Rinaldi, “but I went to wars.” Rinaldi herself participated in some of the re-enactments, even dressing in period costume for the events. Seeing young people, like her son, become excited about history, she wanted to use her writing to bring that excitement to readers.   Historical re-enactments are very cool.  Ruth and her cousin have an orientation at our local Fort this weekend to become re-enactors.  I don't do soccer mom well, but I can do this-and love it.
  • Anne Rockwell writes books for preschool and elementary aged children.  She sums up the reason we love her in these two quotes:  "In doing books for the very youngest children I always remind myself that the familiar world we might consider mundane is new and exciting to them."  That is my philosophy on most children's books and toys.  Here's another "Most cultures have stories that take place in fantastic other worlds.  But the real world can also be turned into stories that show children their world in a new way."  I think young children do not need fantasy because what is real is wonderful and establishes the foundation they can build their own fantasies upon.
  • Stan and Jan Berenstain  This might surprise you because I am not a fan of Anthropomorphism, but I let it slide on this one.  I also don't allow books that are a TV show or movie-Unless-the book came first.  Which in this case it did.  I also am not wild about reading these stories, they are long for picture books.  So why am a recommending them?  One big reason is my children absolutely  love them.  Another is I love the husband/wife writing/illustrating team.  Two of their books that are not Berenstain Bear you should check out are below. 

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  1. Fantastic!!! I'll check with my public library for availability. Thanks

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