Friday, July 30, 2010

Rosie the Mama

This wonderful sculpture is here in Vancouver.  It honors the more than 10,000 women who worked in the local the Kaiser shipyards during WWII.  Can you imagine being a single mom, your husband at war, having to ration most of what your family needs and joining the workforce for the first time?  
The unglamorous side is clearly pictured above.  I am not sure who this woman is, but the picture was in a family album.  The back of the picture states she was working at a shipyard in Alameda, Ca.  
Regardless, the Rosie look is one of my favorite mom looks.  Next to house dresses I could spend days in a good pair of overalls and my hair all up in a scarf.


  1. I appreciate the unglamourous side that you posted -- its something rarely seen or recognized.

    Keep up your posts mama! You're blog inspires me.

  2. I love the Rosie look too, sadly I'm rather large in the bust department & can never wear overalls they just look wrong :o(

  3. I couldn't agree more. I've been contemplating getting a pair of overalls myself, as I usually wear denim capris & cotton blouses for serious housework and gardening. Would you mind sharing what brand yours are? They look great and are just what I had in mind.


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