Saturday, August 28, 2010


Everyone was up a little late tonight getting ready for our overnight to the coast.  Usually Papa comes home to a quiet house, not tonight!  I also am making a very rare appearance wearing jeans.  I wore them most of the day.  So uncomfortable!  How do people do it?
I usually begin with the clock shot, but forgot tonight.  Those of you with a keen eye will notice the #1 photo was actually the last.  I could have cropped Mav and Dot out and kept the secret, but they just look so sweet I couldn't do it. 


  1. Aww that first picture is so cute.

    I got jeans the other day too, but even though they are "mid rise", they still feel oddly low, since they're not sitting at the waist. I want a pair like grandma used to have.

    With that bed frame in Ruths room, it looks like Kits room, remember that bed Ruth *didn't* try and lay in when she was little ;)

  2. Wow, I have a armoire and dresser that match your vanity! My bakelite drawer pulls are slightly different, but I swear they could be a set! My parents got them at an estate sale in Maryland. Now we are here in WA too!

  3. oh my goodness I love that green bedroom!

  4. OMGOSH - I thought I was the only person who thought jeans were uncomfortable! Thanks for being so honest on here...Love your blog!


  5. Thats wierd! I have the same vanity table as that only i have a matching dresser with it as well. It was my Great grandmas :)


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