Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pie Trees

It's harvest time in the pink house.  Our garden wasn't very fruitful this year, but our apple trees were great.  I love having the opportunity to help our girls follow their food from earth to table.  (Of course my preference is pie.)  Above are my favorite books to go along with our process.


  1. Absolutely, organic food is the best. Educating our little ones at an early age is very beneficial. It's how memories are made.

  2. That's great! I love picking potatoes with my daughter. We get so dirty. Our garden is very dusty so the dirt really clings to our skin.

  3. We just read Blueberries for Sal at the library the other day! I had forgotten how much I loved that book when I was little, and my boys loved it too!

  4. How cute! I love how much you bake with your girls. (the flour on the face is cute.) My husband is the one that bakes with mine. I especially love that you put up books in this post that go along with baking/picking the fruit. You might like the book, A Fairy Tale Feast. Great illustrations and after each fairy tale, there is a recipe to go along with the story, i.e. a porridge recipe after Goldilocks, baked cinnamon apples after Snow White, etc.

  5. It's lovely that you get to do that with your daughters.
    That pie looks absolutely scrumptious!
    I am definitely growing a vege garden this year,thanks for the inspiration:)

  6. We've been picking beans, peas, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, zucchinis, varied lettuces, tomatoes... the list goes on. The kids are loving it and always out there with me harvesting for dinner, or the next day's breakfast. Some things did not grow so well, or are growing later than normal. WA weather has been so wonky this year.


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