Friday, September 17, 2010

Bears and Bows

My love of bows began with the skirt pictured here.  It is the best skirt in the world!  That picture was taken in '92.  I still have the skirt and it is in great shape except for a small tear where I used it to twist open a bottle once.  Although I know the seeds for loving pink bows began years before when as a little girl we would visit Disneyland.  I loved the Country Bear Jamboree.  I loved it for Trixie.  She was amazing.  She would swing over head singing something sultry.  At a very young age I knew that was something I wanted to do.  Seriously.  I wanted to be Trixie and a Solid Gold dancer.  Little did I know then there was a whole profession dedicated to such a combination!
I didn't get my "big girl swing" until my 24th birthday.  Of course it has now been packed away for years.   When the children are grown maybe we'll hang it back up.  Let's see I'll be 55 years old by then....


  1. I love that skirt, I think there's a girl in Cry Baby with the same one. Or maybe it's that picture in the 1950s book thats at work. Either way, it's adorable :)

  2. That skirt is amazing! I can see why you liked Trixie, Trixie's cute!

  3. Oh, I love the skirt, and the fact that you still have it, is very look absolutely lovely...

  4. I want that skirt! If you ever want to let it go let me know :)


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