Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sorting Pretties

My 5 year old is especially reluctant to doing "school work".  I am always trying to discover ways to educate her with out her realization that it's happening.   She is the girlyest of our girls and loves to dress up in frills and sparkles.    I have all my jewellery crammed in a hallway drawer, everything from gumball rings to diamonds and pearls.  It is not a pretty sight. 
I decided to ask the girls to sort through this drawer.  Of course they were excited to discover all the pretties and try them on.  Sorting is foundational for math, taking note of what similarities objects share, how things are alike and how they are different.
I really wish I had been better about taking pictures of this process, especially that I would have gotten one of everything spread out on the table in groups. 
The end result was pleasing to us all!


  1. I do this with my kids too. My son (5 1/2) likes to sort the objects into like piles, while my daughter (2 1/2, and definitely a "girlie girl") just loves playing dress up!

  2. Oh yes! Education and having fun go hand in hand. I love this... I admire what you do with the girls.


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