Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life in the Pink Tower: Classification Cards

We aren't really what one would call an "outdoorsy" type of family.  We do not camp, of course I love a picnic or bike ride in the sunshine, just nothing you would have to shop at REI for.   We also are not wild about gardening-actually we do not like it.   If your a regular reader this may surprise you because we are outside in nature so much.  Yes, we make ourselves because we want the girls to love the outdoors more than we do and develop a healthy lifestyle as a result.   As summer ends I have just the thing to solidify the observations they have made of garden creatures through out.  My daughter's Montessori teacher shared her classification cards with me and one set is "Garden Creatures".  Perfect.  I have printed them and will use them with the three youngest- even our 11 month old.  I plan to have a few on her shelf (3) in a small dish and show them to her while saying each name.  I will pick the ones I have pointed out to her in real life.  For my 5 year old who isn't reading we will work on the beginning letter sounds and she will want to draw a creature or 2.  My seven year old can read each label and match it to the correct picture.  For more ideas or to understand better go here.   If you don't have a teacher to share her resources with you don't fret.  You can go here for free printables.
You also could make your own.  I do this by taking pictures when we are out.  For example at the fair I got shots of different animals and can print them.  I try to use cards to build vocabulary of things the girls have seen in real life first.  At the fair I would take the baby to a cow and say "cow",  simply giving her the name as clearly and crisply as I can.  Then I do the same thing with the card and a connection is made, bringing a little more order and understanding of the world around her.
Also if you email me I'd be happy to share a few of my sets in PDF.

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  1. I completely relate to faking that I like something so that maybe my kids will :) I fake that I like insects, cooking, driving, you name it! Hahaha.


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